Transfer Pricing


Transfer Pricing

The globalization of business means that companies involved in cross-border transactions recognize that transfer pricing is now a very important issue.

In recent years, we have seen increased interest from the tax authorities in transactions between related parties and increased tax controls on intra-group pricing. Such changes have not only affected large groups of companies, but have also affected medium and small groups of companies by imposing additional reporting obligations related to transfer pricing (TP). In addition, as the popularity of structured tax planning has declined, many multinational corporations are now looking at alternative cost control options. A well-designed transfer pricing strategy puts these opportunities in perspective.

We provide transfer pricing reviews, transfer pricing policy assistance, specific documentation, and support for businesses as they go through tax audits. Our understanding of the approaches used by tax authorities in exercising tax control over the reasonableness of pricing plays a major role in TP tax consulting.

We provide the following transfer pricing services:

  • diagnosis of TP transactions and their inherent risks;
  • development of transfer pricing policies and methodologies;
  • prevention and settlement of tax disputes;
  • preparing a full package of transfer pricing documentation, including the analysis of compliance of prices under controllable transactions with the market level;
  • preparing notices on controlled transactions;
  • transfer pricing analysis in relation to financial services and transfer of intellectual property rights.
Рената Плотникова

Renata Plotnikova

Director of Business Support