Audit and audit related services


Audit and audit related services

We are proud of the fact that in 1991 we were the first audit company which audited the accounts of a Russian company in compliance with the International Standards on Auditing. Since then we are one of the leading audit companies on the audit services market. We have been working in Russia for more than 30 years and have established a reputation as a professional audit firm that provides services in various industries such as transport and logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, leasing, banks, natural resources, construction, telecommunications and others.

Audit services is an activity of auditing and rendering audit related services.

The objective of audit services is to obtain reasonable assurance that the accounting and financial statements do not contain material misstatements and fairly present, in all material aspects, the financial position and financial performance of the audited entity.

In auditing the accounts, we aim, among other things, at increasing the commercial attractiveness of the сlient. We are well aware of how important it is to confirm that the company's control systems are functioning properly. It will allow the сlient and its investors to feel confident that the business will not have unpleasant surprises. At the same time, we understand the need to provide guidance to our сlients to help them thrive in a changing world.

Our approach to audit related services is based on forming an understanding of client's business and inherent financial risks. At the initial stage of work, we necessarily discuss with the сlient the scope of future results of our assignment, so we strive to ensure that our procedures are as focused as possible on understanding the needs of the company. This allows us to provide the auditor's report containing only useful information for business owners.

We understand that value for money is the basis for all costs in business; the cost of audit services is no exception. The cost of our services is based on the level of personnel involved in the project, as well as the time spent on our work. We make every effort to set the prices for our services at a realistic and fair level, and we don't change them during the course of the work.

Audit activity in the Russian Federation is regulated by the Federal Law № 307-FZ "On Auditing Activities" dated 30 December 2008. Our company is a member of Self-Regulated Organization of Auditors ASSOCIATION "SODRUZHESTVO".

If you have any questions about audit and audit related services, you can always contact us. We will provide a commercial quotation that is as tailored to your needs as possible.

Марина Горбунова

Marina Gorbunova

Member of the Supervisory Board, General Director of OOO Mainstay, Audit Director
Мария Волкова

Maria Volkova

Member of the Supervisory Board, Head of Mainstay office in Vladivostok, Audit Director