Economic security


Economic security

Economic security of the company is a condition of security of all available resources of the entity against external and internal threats that provides its stable functioning, maintenance of competitiveness and achievement of strategic priorities of the entity in the present time and in the future. Every executive officer decides whether to form economic security (ES) service in his company, implement an ES system, outsource this function or do nothing and depend on these risks.

The system of economic security of the entity (ES) is a set of interrelated measures of managerial, economic and legal nature, carried out by the subjects of ES to protect the financial interests of the entity from real or potential threats that may cause damage to the objects of ES.

In order for the subjects of ES to be able to properly influence the objects, it is necessary to constantly monitor the external and internal environment of the entity:

  • collection and analysis of information on the available legal and regulatory framework;
  • assessment of risks and threats;
  • collection of information on competitors and counterparties of the entity that are potential carriers of ES threats.
The economic security of an entity is a state of the entity that:

  • identifies external and internal threats with the need for resource costs to neutralize, eliminate or minimize their impact on the activities of the entity;
  • allows to provide financial balance, stability, solvency and liquidity of entity in the long term;
  • satisfies the needs of the entity in all types of resources for sustainable expanded reproduction of the entity;
  • provides sufficient financial independence of the entity;
  • is able to withstand existing and emerging dangers and threats that seek to cause damage to the entity, forced liquidation of the entity;
  • provides sufficient flexibility in making managerial decisions;
  • contributes to protection of interests of owners of the entity and other interested parties.
The level of economic security of an entity depends on how effectively management is able to prevent the emergence of internal and external threats and eliminate the harmful effects of individual negative components of the external and internal environment.

The main purpose of managing the economic security of an entity is to anticipate threats and ensure its sustainable and effective functioning in the current environment and in the future, while creating the potential for confident development and growth.

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