Keeping HR records


Keeping HR records

HR services or personnel consulting is becoming more and more relevant. Many business processes, including human resources, are transferred to outsourcing, digitalization and other changes are becoming more and more rapid each time. Companies' specialists must have time to track innovations and respond to them promptly. Mainstay provides its clients with a range of services to build an effective HR management system. One of such services is maintenance of the client’s personnel record keeping, provision of consulting services in the field of labor legislation:

  • creation of a system of personnel records in your company from scratch;
  • consulting in matters of changes in labor legislation;
  • development of job descriptions, draft employment contracts and additional agreements;
  • conducting the procedure for reducing the number of staff;
  • restoration and maintenance of personnel documentation;
  • creation and correction of local normative acts in accordance with the current legislation;
  • hiring / transfer / dismissal / relocation / business trips / vacation and much more;
  • expert evaluation of management decisions in terms of labor legislation.
The advantages of outsourcing personnel records:

  • access to highly qualified personnel;
  • optimization of costs for the personnel service;
  • release of the accountant's time (if personnel records were kept by an accounting department);
  • timely provision of information about possible personnel risks;
  • the opportunity to develop own business and not to worry about problems of staff record keeping;
  • confirmation of the brand of a reliable and honest employer.
Renata Plotnikova

Renata Plotnikova

Director of Business Support