Business registration


Business registration

Legal entities are to be registered by first-time entrepreneurs; foreign companies that enter another country's market; businesses that introduce a new type of product or service, etc. The goals of setting up a company can be different and often expert help is needed for the right choice of organizational form. We offer legal services for businesses.

Business Creation Services

We can help you set up a business in the RF in any form. For example, accreditation of a representative office of a foreign company:

  • to obtain indefinite accreditation;
  • to change founding documents;
  • to work with tax authorities;
  • to open bank accounts.

Our specialists will advise on all aspects and procedures of applicable laws and regulations, including foreign investment legislation, as well as conduct a comprehensive assessment of legal, tax, jurisdictional and other risks for each of the possible forms of your business organization. We present a list of services:

  • registration of firms with foreign founders;
  • registration of LLCs and branches;
  • registration of joint-stock companies (PJSC and JSC);
  • registration of IE;
  • opening bank accounts and obtaining necessary licenses, approvals and permits;
  • services for the organization of joint ventures based on Russian or foreign companies and holdings;
  • support of the process of acquiring a stake and/or shares of another Russian or foreign company, or any other M&A transactions;
  • opening bank accounts and obtaining necessary licenses, approvals and permits.

Timely assessment of the current situation in the business, the world and the company's processes may also require closing the business.

Some companies change jurisdictions in search of favorable business conditions. From time to time businesses leave the Russian Federation, restructuring takes place, companies are closed. In their place Other companies come instead. Our experts are ready to provide full support at all stages of opening a company and closing a business:

  • interaction with creditors;
  • debt and capital restructuring;
  • with the reorganization of the workforce and human resources (downsizing and redundancy);
  • with corporate reorganization;
  • with the closure of bank accounts and other formalities;
  • liquidation of a legal entity, including foreign representative offices.

For each client, we offer individual conditions of legal support. Package of services can be selected for each client individually.

Рената Плотникова

Renata Plotnikova

Director of Business Support
Станислав Бойко

Stanislav Boiko

Legal and Tax Consulting Director