About us


Choosing the right partner

Mainstay, now 100% Russian-owned, traces its history back to London firm Moore Stephens. In the 1980s, Moore Stephens, renowned for its expertise in shipping, was one of the first international auditing and consulting companies to work in Russia when it assisted Sovcomflot its modernisation programmes. During the 1990s Mainstay (under the name Moore Stephens) continued to make auditing and consulting history when it carried out the first ever audit to international standards in Russia. In 1995 it opened subsidiaries in Moscow and Vladivostok.

Thirty years later, we employ a professional team of over one hundred specialists with Russian and international qualifications and expertise in business consulting, audit, legal and outsourced services. Many members of staff are experts in the maritime sector but we also service clients in a wide variety of other industries. This means we can provide first-class support to all our clients in the same way we have done since the first day we started to operate.

We are proud of our unique blend of experience and tradition which allows Mainstay to remain a leader in the Russian auditing and consulting industry. After a restructuring in 2022-23 there is no longer any foreign involvement in our firm. However, our English roots and international outlook continue to be an important part of who we are and how we operate. It is therefore important to us that during and after the restructuring we have maintained existing links and developed new links with auditing and consulting firms outside Russia. As a result, we continue to be able to service our clients needs not only in Russia but also in key financial centres around the world including Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing and London.

Our many years of experience have taught us to see opportunities in every crisis and to seize them. In a crisis, business owners want to know how to manage costs and where to invest most profitably. Our role is to help them do this. In many ways we are like an experienced pilot helping a ship’s captain into port - we understand the economic conditions we are sailing through and the hidden dangers these bring but we also know the fairways that will get the ship safely to its destination.

Our Values


We believe that honesty and openness is the best policy.


We believe in putting our best efforts into every project. We believe in unlocking potential, developing the best and helping to achieve the best possible results.


We believe that a team approach is the most impactful. We are proud of who we are.


We believe in the importance of unlocking potential, developing the best and helping to achieve the maximum possible results. We believe that any crisis presents unlimited opportunities.


We believe that every client, situation and team member is equally important to us. We value ourselves and our work and believe that there is much more in life than just work.


  • we adapt our services to the needs of our сlients;
  • international expert in the shipping industry;
  • international company with 30 years of experience in Russia;
  • we are continuously improving our skills and knowledge;
  • we use technologies that are relevant to each project;
  • we actively participate in the communities we join;
  • we provide real value for money;
  • we guarantee access to all team members, including executives;
  • deep immersion in the specifics of each business, project and situation.