Outsourcing of internal audit


Outsourcing of internal audit

Every company sets itself certain goals and faces a multitude of challenges. In search of solutions and insights, in an effort to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and corporate governance processes, the owner and manager comes to the internal auditor. The internal auditor helps the company to achieve its goals with a systematic and consistent approach. At the same time, the creation of a special unit is not always feasible, because it requires significant resources: the staff needs to be highly qualified and maintain the qualification at a proper level, which requires additional costs for training and development of employees. In situations where there is no internal audit service, its creation is not possible, or there are concerns that the internal service needs an independent assessment and an outside view, the optimal solution may be to outsource the internal audit function. Mainstay's team, which has all the necessary competencies and extensive experience in both external and internal auditing, is ready to help with such a task.


As part of our internal audit service, we offer:

  • outsourcing of the internal audit function;
  • independent assessment of the internal audit function;
  • assessment of control procedures;
  • methodological approaches to building an internal audit service;
  • training and optimization of the internal audit function;
  • assessment and risk management of the company;
  • review of the quality control system;
  • development of risk management program.

We analyze current business processes in order to assess the functioning of internal control and corporate governance and identify opportunities for their optimization. We will provide an independent assessment of the internal audit function, identify prospects and ways to establish or develop your own internal audit function.

You can also outsource the internal audit function to Mainstay to focus entirely on your core business while professional auditors take care of internal control, risk management and corporate governance issues.

Whatever you choose, Mainstay ensures your business stays on top of its controls and governance structure, optimizing costs and operational efficiencies, meeting legal requirements and increasing transparency.


Our professionals are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable, but also constantly updating their knowledge. As a result, working with Mainstay team gives you access to our unparalleled expertise, unique methodologies and high professional standards.

Our services allow you to concentrate on important business objectives, while our experts take care of internal audit functions and help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Рената Плотникова

Renata Plotnikova

Director of Business Support