Mainstay is one of the leading audit, consulting and outsourcing companies. We have been operating in Russia for more than 30 years and currently have 3 offices - in Moscow, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Being a part of international network of Moore Global for a long time, we had a unique opportunity to share our practical experience and knowledge with our colleagues from all over the world. However, in March 2022 the company left the international network in order to protect its clients and since January 12, 2023 officially changed its name from MOORE ST to Mainstay. Today Mainstay is an independent group of companies with 100% Russian participation. Our clients benefit from years of experience and the highest level of advice, regardless of where they do business. Mainstay employees understand our clients' needs and help them win new markets, provide answers to their most complex questions, and solve various challenges they face.


Our success would not be possible without our employees, who are the main value of the company. We invite energetic, talented and ambitious specialists, who will grow together with us and participate in the development of the company.

Our goal

Our main goal is that all positions in the company are filled by the most qualified and competent professionals. Thanks to our many years of experience, employees actively develop and acquire professional skills, which are especially important for young professionals.

Interesting work

Mainstay offers interesting work and career opportunities to its employees. We help students get an internship, interns and young specialists get a chance to start career in a strong team, and professionals - to have a successful career in a stable company.

We value

We appreciate in our employees inquisitiveness and curiosity, openness to new ideas and focus on improving team performance. And also the desire to continuously improve their skills and diligent approach to any task.


We consider candidates of different levels, including beginners without work experience. Thanks to the built-up internal system of training and long-term cooperation with training centers Mainstay provides continuous training of personnel and gives excellent opportunities for professional and career growth, getting a lot of knowledge and interesting experience in the shortest possible time:

  • in-house seminars and webinars;
  • conferences and trainings;
  • refresher courses;
  • support for obtaining a unified auditor's qualification certificate.


Mainstay is a company for people who think about the future. We fully comply with labor laws, we offer our employees stable and transparent wages, and regularly update our remuneration and benefits system in line with the market. We are proud that even in the times of financial crisis the company did not abandon its social commitments and continued to increase salaries, maintained in full the bonus programs, medical insurance, training programs and corporate events and trips.

  • more than 30 years in Russia;
  • reliable partner;
  • full compliance with labor legislation;
  • system of remuneration and benefits.


To climb the career ladder in our company you will have to put a lot of efforts, but the main thing is the desire to learn and develop, as well as a responsible approach to work, a focus on results and a high level of business culture. Mainstay offers a flexible system of development of its employees, horizontal and vertical mobility, availability of training programs.

  • transparent grading system;
  • result-oriented work;
  • diverse experience;
  • interesting projects.


Mainstay has a friendly atmosphere where every employee is an important part of the team. You can always rely on your colleagues and ask for advice in any situation that arises. Mainstay builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and employees and values established partnerships.

  • excellent team;
  • comfortable working conditions;
  • adaptive system and corporate culture;
  • a minimum of bureaucracy.

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