Financial and Management Consulting


Financial and Management Consulting

The world is not standing still and business constantly needs to adapt to changing conditions. Market conditions constantly dictate new challenges, and not all companies are able to adapt quickly to ongoing transformations. Analysis of the current situation, search for new solutions for optimization and improvement of business processes is a labor-intensive but very important task.

However, not every business has the resources to create a separate division that would deal with such issues. But even if such a department exists, it often requires an independent assessment and an outside view. You can always entrust this function to Mainstay's team, which has all the necessary competencies and extensive experience to help your business find the right management solution.

Mainstay provides management consulting services aimed at improving the management and performance of your company.


Management consulting is a whole complex of measures, that is why the range of services is rather wide and varies depending on the сlient's demands.

Within the framework of consulting services Mainstay team first of all makes analysis of current business processes, determines existing problems and risks, reveals shortcomings of existing management system.

Based on the findings, our experts help you to find solutions to detected problems and develop recommendations to achieve the goals and objectives of your company.

We will help you understand the following issues:

  • to determine the current state, identify risks and shortcomings of the current business model;
  • to optimize business processes;
  • to improve the efficiency of your company;
  • to improve management systems;
  • to determine the points of further growth.

Thus, review engagements provide interested users with the necessary information in the form of an independent opinion on the reliability of financial statements.


At Mainstay we know that each business needs a unique solution, so we provide each client with an individual approach. Our work is based on a systematic approach, which allows us to cover all aspects and study the business from all angles.

We strive to find non-standard solutions to improve the profitability of your business by optimizing the operational processes and management systems.

The experience we have gained from more than 30 years on the Russian market ensures highly professional assistance to our clients.

For more information about consulting services, please contact us by e-mail or submit an enquiry by filling out the form on our website.

Максим Собокарев

Maxim Sobokarev

Member of the Supervisory Board, Audit Director, Financial Consulting and Valuation Services Director