Audit services for shipping and port companies


Audit services for shipping and port companies

Shipping companies and ports operate in a complicated economic environment characterized by supply and demand imbalance, volatile freight rates and unstable fleet costs, increased government regulation, pressing environmental issues, piracy, geopolitical risks, etc. All these factors contribute to complex financial and economic environment which puts even experienced ship owners and operators to test.

Key challenges facing companies in the industry in the Russian and global markets include:

  • debt management and restructuring;
  • investment and sale options;
  • search for financing;
  • operational efficiency;
  • environmental regulations;
  • cybersecurity;
  • business relocation and restructuring;
  • opening or acquiring business locations.

Our expertise in the shipping and maritime industry extends as deep as the waters in which our сlients navigate. We've accumulated extensive international experience working with the world's leading shipping companies and ports, and that helps us answer the industry's toughest questions.

Mainstay have been and are group auditors for shipping groups, component auditors and consultants to major multinational ship owners with public and private sector owned fleets. We also audit port companies, ship brokers, port agents, logistics operators and service providers in the maritime industry.


Mainstay is ready to provide services in the following areas:

  • audit of financial statements prepared under IFRS, shipping companies and ports;
  • audit of financial statements prepared under RAS, shipping companies and ports;
  • audit of financial statements prepared under US GAAP, shipping companies and ports;
  • compliance audits and other types of audits for EBRD, World Bank and other international financial institutions;
  • preparation and consolidation of IFRS accounts for shipping companies and ports;
  • assistance with initial public offerings (IPO);
  • internal audit service quality assessment;
  • review of internal control systems;
  • development, design and testing of internal control systems.
Марина Горбунова

Marina Gorbunova

Member of the Supervisory Board, General Director of OOO Mainstay, Audit Director
Мария Волкова

Maria Volkova

Member of the Supervisory Board, Head of Mainstay office in Vladivostok, Audit Director