Audit of banks

Audit of banks (or, as they say, bank audit) - is an independent analysis of the accounting (financial) statements of the credit institution, according to the results of which the audit report is issued, including an opinion on its reliability and compliance with the requirements of legislation.

Today, the Bank of Russia's requirements in terms of banking regulation imply high competence and experience in this particular area, a professional audit team and skills acquired through long-term activities.

Our company has extensive experience in this area. Among our clients there are Russian and foreign banks, microfinance organizations, stock exchanges, financial institutions and other credit organizations. Over the years our company has developed and expanded its potential in financial services. Our practice in Russia was established in the 1990s and since then we have been gaining strength expanding our portfolio of banks and other credit institutions across Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok.

We have been auditing accounts for banks in Russia for more than twenty years. During this time we have gained considerable experience and were with our clients during the financial crises of 1998 and 2008.

Services to banks and other credit institutions:

  • audit of RAS financial statements;
  • audit of individual and consolidated financial statements under IAS;
  • сonversion of RAS financial statements to IFRS financial statements;
  • performance of special engagements, other than audit;
  • reviewing the activities of business units for compliance with corporate standards, internal regulations and statutory requirements;
  • сonsulting on corporate governance, including internal auditing;
  • asset and liability valuation services;
  • buyer's due diligence;
  • compliance checks for EBRD, World Bank and other global institutions;
  • development and preparation of business plans, strategies and budgeting;
  • IFRS reporting training;
  • loan portfolio reviews.

While providing services our company steadfastly adheres to the requirements of legislation, professional standards: both auditing and accounting, as well as other legal and regulatory documents.

Audit or special engagements, other than audit, are carried out by our employees in close cooperation with the heads of the credit institution (the client), which allows management to be fully informed about the progress and results of our work.

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the reliability of financial (accounting) statements on the basis of our audit. We conduct our audit in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Our employees have all the necessary competencies and skills to carry out the work.

How we work:


We identify the client’s main challenges and find the best possible solutions.


Our experts evaluate the possibility of a positive solution of the challenges.


Our experts reach a positive solution to all the client’s challenges in the shortest possible time.

Марина Горбунова

Marina Gorbunova

Member of the Supervisory Board, General Director of OOO Mainstay, Audit Director
Мария Волкова

Maria Volkova

Member of the Supervisory Board, Head of Mainstay office in Vladivostok, Audit Director