The question of protecting one's own assets and optimizing taxation is of concern to every successful individual. A sensible solution to protect private interests and family capital is trusts as a classic tax and inheritance planning mechanism.

A trust is a legal agreement under which the settlor transfers his assets to a trustee who holds and manages the transferred assets for the benefit of the settlor or another person (the beneficiary). The creation of a trust serves a variety of purposes, including not only the preservation, protection and transfer of assets within the same family, but also tax optimization, escrow and charitable purposes. Trusts have proven to be a tool to protect the assets of wealthy families for many years.

Transferring the right to manage, you undoubtedly face risks. By choosing Mainstay you will get a trustee who provides effective management and ensures that your interests are protected. We provide fiduciary financial management services, providing a personalized approach and efficient service to each client.

Trusts, estates and inheritance matters require careful planning and sometimes complex decisions. As part of this service we offer:

  • advice on setting up a trust;
  • preparation of accounts;
  • tax advice;
  • administration of trusts;
  • preparation of investment policies and risk assessments.

Mainstay's specialists are highly experienced and qualified in accounting, taxation and law, enabling us to provide our clients with peace of mind, ensuring that their affairs are dealt with reliably.

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Elena Tikhnenko

Elena Tikhnenko

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
Станислав Бойко

Stanislav Boiko

Legal & Tax Consulting Director