Account opening

Everyone strives to manage their wealth effectively. Many people open bank accounts, both at home and abroad, in search of ways to ensure the safety of their money. Opening accounts in foreign banks is relevant not only for entrepreneurs, but also for individuals, whose commercial or labour activity is connected with foreign counterparties. Opening an account in a foreign bank allows you to avoid many difficulties associated with staying abroad.

However, it may be difficult or there is no time to figure out all the nuances and issues on your own: you have to study the laws regulating the opening of accounts in the country of interest or even choose several jurisdictions. In addition, the services of each individual bank have their own peculiarities. Researching such matters is time-consuming and can be better spent if you put your account in the hands of professionals.

We provide financial and legal advice on account opening. Our team can guide you through all the legal aspects and help you find the best solution for your needs and requirements. Mainstay assists with the following matters:

  • improving the efficiency of the management system;
  • business valuation and definition of the best development strategy;
  • due diligence.

Mainstay has a network of partners in over 110 countries around the world that enables us to draw on the expertise and experience of our colleagues around the world.

Contacting Mainstay, you will receive professional advice and save your time.

Elena Tikhnenko

Elena Tikhnenko

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
Станислав Бойко

Stanislav Boiko

Legal & Tax Consulting Director