Developing personal asset ownership structures


Developing personal asset ownership structures

In the context of changing legislation and volatile markets finding new approaches to financial planning and wealth management is relevant to many people. The world is constantly changing and wealth management strategies need constant monitoring. Mainstay's professional advisors help clients not to get lost in the plethora of financial products and services available in the market and achieve their financial objectives.

As part of Wealth Management we provide a wide range of wealth management services to our clients. This covers not only investments, but also legal and taxation aspects.

As part of this service we are able to offer advice on:

  • financial planning;
  • capital investment (expert appraisal and selection of investment projects);
  • taxation:
    • transaction support;
    • registration of property;
    • division of property;
    • income declaration;
    • conclusion of an individual trust management agreement;
  • real estate, both Russian and foreign (when purchased for personal purposes or for capital investment requires independent financial support);
  • running one's own business;
  • transferring wealth to future generations;
  • legal:
    • filing personal income tax returns 3-NDFL in connection with the sale of property or stock market transactions;
    • advice on the submitting of CFC notifications;
    • sale of interest in a limited liability company;
    • transactions in securities and derivative financial instruments;
    • securities and derivatives transactions.

Mainstay advisors determine your risk profile and devise an optimal strategy that will protect your capital and enhance your returns.

Providing financial planning and private wealth management services requires a full understanding of the client, its goals, objectives and trust. Mainstay knows that each individual's needs are unique. We strive to consider all possible factors to provide our clients with a personalised approach and the best solution.

Mainstay's over 30 years of experience in the Russian market enables us to provide each client with an effective solution to their problem.

Elena Tikhnenko

Elena Tikhnenko

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board
Станислав Бойко

Stanislav Boiko

Legal & Tax Consulting Director