HR Сonsulting

"No one can play a symphony alone. It takes a whole orchestra".

H. E. Luccock

We provide our clients with a set of services for building an effective HR management system.

HR consulting is a tool that serves to increase the efficiency of the existing system. A comprehensive approach to change or optimization of individual processes of HR and HR management system leads to increased efficiency.

Whether you are a start-up, small or medium-sized business or a large corporation, at certain moments in the development of your business you are faced with problems in the HR management system. Labor disputes, staff motivation system, finding new employees, inspections by Roskomnadzor and the State Labour Inspectorate, staff record keeping, staff optimization, implementation of personnel evaluation and KPI implementation - we are ready to help.

Our range of services is much wider than just developing a new business strategy, optimizing operational processes and procedures or managing disruptive technologies. Our company has the experience and resources, including industry knowledge, advanced analytics, and project management skills, to support our clients and develop customized solutions that drive continuous growth and improve profitability. Our consulting department can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the entire business to identify problem areas, identify areas for optimization, and strengthen competitive advantage. Mainstay has in-depth functional experience and the necessary expertise to build the international leadership potential of any company.

HR audit

Review of personnel records:

  • review;
  • random;
  • continuous in order to comply with the law and minimize the risk of administrative and legal liability.
Personnel appraisal
  • creation of personnel reserve;
  • evaluation of personnel potential;
  • development of attestation system;
  • performance management or introduction of KPIs;
  • calculation of payroll.
HR accounting
  • creation of personnel record keeping system in your company from scratch;
  • recovery and maintenance of personnel records;
  • preparation and correction of local regulations in accordance with the standards of current legislation.
HR policy
  • personnel planning;
  • building a system of recruitment and assessment of staff at the stage of search;
  • development of the motivation system;
  • introduction of a system for adapting, training and developing personnel.

Sanctions for violation of legislation in the field of personnel accounting are becoming stricter every year, and the amount of fines is increasing.
We offer a range of services that will help managers and owners of the company to get answers to the questions:

  • Why can't you find and keep your professionals? What to do to remedy the situation?
  • How to increase the motivation of staff?
  • Where to get resources to expand and increase capacity or how to awaken the desire to take the initiative in employees?
  • What are the problems with the personnel records?
  • How to reduce the cost of personnel accounting and personnel management?
Labor disputes

Leave complicated, routine and non-standard issues to us.


We will prepare the necessary documents and provide advice.

Staff turnover

We will work out a system of adaptation and motivation for you. We will help to stop the loss of valuable staff.

State and submission of payroll reporting

(Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and Federal Tax Service).

Our approach
We aim to help the client to achieve their goals and prevent the impending problems. In order to diagnose your systems and reduce costs, we offer you a package of services in one package. Our standard offering:


  • bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • payroll, tax and fee calculations (up to 2 people).

  • bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • payroll accounting, accrual of taxes and fees (up to 10 people);
  • checklist of basic personnel documentation availability;
  • express analysis of compliance with FZ-152 “Personal Data”;
  • express analysis of economic security.

  • bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • payroll accounting, tax accounting (for up to 10 people);
  • keeping personnel records;
  • check-list of basic personnel records availability;
  • express analysis of compliance with FZ-152 “Personal Data”;
  • express analysis of GDPR compliance;
  • express analysis in the field of economic security.

A set of works can be formed under your individual order from the entire list of services provided by us.

Максим Собокарев

Maxim Sobokarev

Member of the Supervisory Board, Audit Director, Director of Financial Consulting and Valuation Services