ESG Consulting

In recent years, more and more investors have begun to pay attention to how companies comply with sustainability principles and use these non-financial metrics when making investment decisions. More than 2,500 investment funds, with nearly $90 trillion under management, have signed up to the United Nations principles of responsible investing, pledging to incorporate ESG factors into their business processes. Banks are also gradually introducing a KPI system for ESG investments.

International companies are already facing the need to comply with ESG principles as part of their dealings with regulators and capital providers.

The key challenges that companies in any industry will face in the Russian and global markets are:

  • the need for rapid decarbonization by 2050;
  • increased scrutiny and pressure from investors, lenders and other financial stakeholders to improve sustainability performance and reporting transparency;
  • labor and human rights risks.

However, adherence to ESG principles is not only a necessity, but also a major competitive advantage, allowing companies to demonstrate their initiative in addressing important social and environmental issues, as well as an interest in achieving the goals of global communities of care for the environment and society. The main tool for demonstrating their intentions and the results of their work is ESG reporting.


Mainstay's specialists will help you with ESG reporting. We are ready to provide businesses with the following services:

  • preparation of ESG reporting / company sustainability reporting;
  • audit of existing ESG-reporting;
  • development of ESG-strategy for sustainable business;
  • comprehensive ESG due diligence: identification of current and potential risks of the company and opportunities to manage them;
  • the development of ESG framework: defining objectives, optimization of existing business processes and elaboration of KPI system;
  • ESG data collection and verification: providing a scientific basis and building trust in reporting.

Mainstay is an expert in its industry and has in-depth knowledge of business sustainability. We have done a lot of research, and we are already prepared to ensure that your company meets all ESG requirements, as well as prepare ESG reporting for existing and potential investors.

Максим Собокарев

Maxim Sobokarev

Member of the Supervisory Board, Audit Director, Director of Financial Consulting and Valuation Services