The State Duma adopted Federal Law No. 340-FZ dated 24.07.2023 on the introduction of the digital ruble and on non-cash settlements using this form of national currency, which comes into force on August 1, 2023

In today's world, electronic payments are becoming more and more popular, and this causes a growing need for security and protection of user data. The digital ruble is an innovative solution that can provide a guarantee of security and stability in the financial sphere by blocking attempts of leakage and unauthorized access to information.

The digital ruble is a new form of electronic currency that can solve several pressing problems in the financial sphere. One such problem is the leakage of personal data. However, the digital ruble can help prevent such leakage due to the presence of a unique code.

Digital rubles will have a unique code that will securely protect users' personal data. This will make it possible to track and prevent fraudulent transactions and misuse of money. In particular, such a system can be particularly useful for ensuring the security of budgetary funds.

The issuance of digital money will be handled by the Central Bank, and it will also guarantee the safety and security of funds.

Each transaction using the digital ruble will be recorded and stored in a single database of the Central Bank of Russia, which will ensure full transparency and traceability of operations. Such a system minimizes the possibility of leakage or unauthorized use of personal data.

Difference between the DR and cryptocurrency.

The digital ruble is an obligation of the Central Bank and is secured by the state, while cryptocurrency has no single issuer and is not secured by anything.

Transactions with cryptocurrency can be made anonymously. In turn, cryptoruble will be issued by the Central Bank, and its users will be identified.

Advantage of the digital ruble:

  • Transactions with the digital ruble will be carried out at unified tariffs, which will reduce the cost of their execution.
  • A high level of security and safety of funds is guaranteed.
  • Expansion of the line of innovative products and services.
  • Improvement of customer service conditions.