International audit and consulting group Moore ST has rebranded and will now operate under the name Mainstay

  • the part of something that supports everything else;
  • a strong cable that helps to hold a ship’s mast in place.

International audit and consulting group Moore ST will now be known as Mainstay as part of a major rebranding.

Speaking about the change in name, Chair of the Supervisory Board, Elena Tikhnenko, said, “Our new name reflects the role we play, supporting our clients to achieve their business and personal goals. It also reflects the close connections the firm has had with the maritime industry for over one hundred years.” The firm’s new logo (reproduced above) - a stylised representation of two ships (one representing the client and one representing Mainstay) sailing in parallel towards the same destination, also emphasises the same aspects of the firm’s identity. “We look forward to supporting our clients in future, under our new name and this bright, simple, meaningful and memorable logo which sums up who we are," says Marina A. Gorbunova, General Director of Mainstay

Mainstay traces its origins back to the London firm Moore Stephens which started to operate in Russia in the 1980s and opened subsidiaries in the country in 1995. “Although we are now 100% Russian-owned, our English roots and international outlook continue to be an important part of who we are and how we operate”, explains Tikhnenko. “The approach of an English Gentleman is deeply ingrained in our nature, at the same time we are forward looking and internationally oriented in our approach. We employ a professional team of more than one hundred specialists with Russian and international qualifications and expertise in business consulting, audit, legal and outsourced support services. This means we can provide first-class support to our clients in accordance with the highest standards and international best practice in the same way we have done since the first day we started to operate in Russia.”

Mainstay is proud of the unique experience it has built up over the past 30 years. Moore Stephens was the first firm to carry out an audit in Russia to international standards and the firm has continued to achieve many firsts since then. It is a member of the Self-regulatory organization of auditors Association «Sodruzhestvo», and is also a member of CPAB (The Canadian Public Accountability Board) and PCAOB (the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board). The firm’s clients include not only shipping companies and ports but also banks, IT companies and companies working in a wide range of other sectors.

Mainstay sees its long history as one of its most valuable assets. "Our many years of experience have taught us to see opportunities in every crisis and to seize them," says Gorbunova. "In a crisis, business owners want to know for sure how to allocate costs correctly and efficiently and where to invest their money most profitably. Finding answers to these questions requires an analysis of business processes and financial risks, and building an optimal management structure for the company.“ “In many ways we are like an experienced pilot helping a ship’s captain into port”, adds Tikhnenko, “we understand the economic conditions we are sailing through and the hidden dangers these bring but we also know the fairways that will get the ship safely to its destination. We hope that over the next thirty years we can help many more clients achieve their objectives.”